$5 tickets and a goodbye.

I wrote this after at the beginning of March and coming back to it now I wanted to see if it would still ring true. It touches on football and war and leaving which are all pretty heavy subjects but I think the video helps it all come together. Enjoy! Thursday, February 20th (In Ukraine) […]

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Snow Day

I made another video since I’ve been home with footage that I meant to edit long ago. That is one plus of being suddenly evacuated, any sort of schedule that you had is wiped away leaving you with an abundance of free time. Which means that in a few more days I’ll post one more […]

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I enjoy reading novels by Dashielle Hammett and Cormac McCarthy. I played soccer for William Jewell, and I like some of the people that go there. I need change, and Burt’s Bees is my favorite type of chapstick. I have some very good habits and also some not so great ones. I’m a pretty agreeable guy unless you’re an asshole, in which case we won’t get along that well. Also, I joined the Peace Corps and live in Ukraine now.